The cesium sputter ion source is a 40-sample MCSNICS normally biased at -43 kV.Typical output from a φ=1 mm sample pressed in Al cathodes for 12C- ions is 30 mA at 6 kV probe voltage and a total injection energy of 67 kV.








A spherical electrostatic analyzer (r = 30 cm, plates gap = 5 cm) cuts the sputter energy tail of the beam, with a bending angle of ± 45°. The ESA can be rotated in view of the installation of a second ion source





The 90° double focusing L.E. magnet (r = .457 m, gap = 38 mm, ME/Z2 = 15) allows high resolution mass analysis for all stable isotopes in the periodic table. The insulated stainless steel chamber can be biased up to -15 kV for beam sequencing.











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